What size in pixels css H1 - H6 html tags and their respective point or pixel size.

*Their is a difference in pixels and points. I recommend point size as it infers to an actual dimension relative to the inch. In other words, your smartphone most likely doubles the amount of pixels per inch because it has a small screen; thus 2 px per desktop 1px means your 24px font comes to 48px font. If you want an actual sixe, use the pt value where 72pt = 1 inch. The point value actual gives you a better relization of the size it will be but for general purpose the pixel values associated with headers is as listed for most browsers (IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox):

{ font-size:24px;} h2 { font-size:22px;} h3 { font-size:18px;} h4 { font-size:16px;} h5 { font-size:12px;} h6 { font-size:10px;}
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